Katana Lace

by La Sportiva

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Named for a Japanese single-edged sword, these sharp-end shoes suit experienced climbers with acute footwork skills. Slip lasted, they give you the performance of a lined shoe with the comfort and sensitivity of one that's unlined. Uppers are made of leather and Lorica synthetic leather. Partially lined, with slip-lasted tube construction. Asymmetric shape provides power to the toe to defeat micro nubbins or foolishly thin edges. Midsole has a P3 power platform for added cutting power. Sole is 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber which is more durable and edges better than XS Grip rubber.

  • Stiffer midsole than the velcro model excels at crack climbing, edging, and all day use
  • Slip lasted tube
  • Forefoot and back made of Lorica/leather
  • Sole constructed from 4mm Vibram XS Edge
  • Permanent Power Platform maintains downturned shape for the life of the shoe