Tecnu Detox Wipes (12 pack)

By Tecnu

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Life is too busy to sacrifice your outdoor experience to annoying irritants like poison oak and ivy, pitch, tar, and various other oily substances. Tecnu Detox Wipes are your NEW trusty trail companion to keep these substances at bay so you can live your life outdoors, uninterrupted!

From the Tecnu line of products you know and love, comes our NEW, waterless Tecnu Detox Wipes. Our poison ivy wipes made of rayon derived from bamboo fiber, remove poison ivy and oak oil, pitch, tar, and other oily substances from your skin, equipment, tools, pets, and more.

Remember, the sooner you remove urushiol (rash-causing resin from poison ivy, oak, and sumac), from your skin with a poison ivy wipe, the better chance you’ll have of avoiding a poison ivy rash.

Individually wrapped and no water required, Detox Wipes can easily travel with you from your backyard to your favorite trail and beyond! Work or play, you can always count on Tecnu to keep you protected so you can stress less, and Outdoor More.

Did you know: The moniker, Tecnu (sometimes mistakenly spelled ‘technu’) was given by its inventor, Dr. Robert Smith, and means “technically new”?