Our Philosophy

Breathe it in. Not many philosophies can be summed up in three words - but you don't need a lot of words to describe what being an outdoor enthusiast is all about. It’s about stepping outside and taking that first breath of the day - pine trees, sagebrush or sea breeze. It’s about taking the time to be conscious of the natural world around you. Which is why we look forward to helping you find just the right equipment so you can focus on what matters most - breathing it in.

The Mountain Air
The Mountain Air
The Mountain Air

San Luis Obispo County Expertise

The Mountain Air team is tuned into the local outdoor scene. We hire outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes - climbers, hikers, snowboarders, you name it, so whether they are longtime residents of the Central Coast or new to the area, you can be sure they are outside exploring everything this area has to offer any chance they get. And we put our “field research” to good use. Always with an open ear and a ton of knowledge to share, we’re at the ready with local recommendations based on your goals and the proper equipment to make sure you’re prepared for wherever the trail takes you.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

The Mountain Air has been a proud member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance since 2013. Grassroots retailers are more than just a store to find a new pair of hiking shoes. These specialty retailers are destinations where community and love of outdoor activity intersect. A source for trustworthy gear, approachable people offering tricks of the trade to customers both seasoned and new, and a gathering place for enthusiasts to share experiences.

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