MegaLite (30F)

by Western Mountaineering

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The MegaLite is cut to suit large folks, or folks who like their space, so they too can enjoy the benefits of the ExtremeLite™ bags. No claustrophobia here with 64″ of shoulder girth tapering to 39″ at the foot. 12 ounces of goose down provides a temperature rating of 30°, and continuous baffles allow you to adjust the fill to suit your needs. At only 1 lb. 8 oz. this is your best friend during a summer bike trip.

The 5' 6" size weighs 1 lb. 7 oz.

The 6' size weighs 1 lb. 8oz.

The 6' 6" size weighs 1 lb. 9 oz.

Western Mountaineering rates the bag at 30°F, which is based on extensive field testing. The EN13537 "Comfort Rating" (a.k.a. "women's" or "cold sleeper") is 32°F, and the "Limit Rating" (a.k.a. "men's" or "warm sleeper") is 22°F.